LeTwins have been selected as the new Global Ambassadors for the next Barbie Movie and they have been invited by Warner Bros. for the very first time in LA in order to create contents on the Barbie Movie Set. 
On that occasion they have been able to see a preview of the movie and to meet a lot of international creators such as: Sarah Jade Bleau, Markell Washington, Alaia & Adamari Lopez and Samyra Cambrielle. 
The Barbie Movie set included different types of the locations such as the kitchen, a cinema, the barbie bus, the studio, and also a ball pit. LeTwins have selected the walk-in closet, the kitchen, the Barbie Box and the beach to record their content and the result achieved has been incredible. The whole thing with a perfect Barbie look.
Check out our IG page and their channels to see the result and remember to go and see Barbie in all the cinemas on July 20th (CET).