The Cannes red carpet witnessed a remarkable debut as Ylenia and Nicole Burato, popularly known as the Twins of TikTok, made their first appearance. Renowned makeup artist Odile Jimenez curated a nude and natural beauty look for them, accentuating their inherent radiance. Jimenez shared her expertise, stating, “The foundation I applied highlights their natural glow, emphasizing its beauty. For the eyes, I opted for warm tones, complemented by a subtle pencil outline. As for the lips, I utilized Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in the shade Black Honey.” This particular product, originating from the 1970s, gained tremendous popularity on TikTok due to its remarkable ability to suit various lip types.

Even in their daily lives, Ylenia and Nicole embrace a natural makeup aesthetic. However, when they wish to explore bolder looks, they enjoy the advantage of being twins and exhibit distinct yet complementary styles. Like any other individuals, they too have made makeup mistakes in the past. Reflecting on their experiences, they admitted, “We have learned the importance of carefully selecting the right foundation. We are all familiar with the undesirable ‘carnival mask’ effect that results from an ill-suited foundation.” Presently, TikTok stars have perfected their beauty routines, paying attention to every detail, and showcasing their irresistible allure at Cannes.

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